Samurai style plan

Description of the Samurai Plan

Men kimono plan
¥18,000(plus tax)

  • samurai
  • samurai
Contents of the plan
Hair style
simple hair set(only on demand)
Men kimono
Large choice of swords and small props
Photo studio
Japanese room style photo studio on the 5th floor or white back on the 8th floor
Printed out photos
3 x 2L size pictures (you will choose from 12 selected pictures)
Digital data
3 data for smartphones
Additional order
  • 2L size additional picture2,000 (plus tax)
  • A frame for 3 pictures
    (203mm x 254mm)3,500 (plus tax)
  • A4 size Album (10 pages)50,000 (plus tax)
Photo Data
  • CD-R additional picture data2,000 (plus tax)
  • USB ALL Data 15,000 (plus tax)

※Making album may take approx 1 month.

≪Caution≫ ◆If you health condition is not well. please let us know in advance we may not accept the reservation. Ex: When you are pregnant, when you need physical assistance for walking. If you have Skin trouble or contagious trouble such as herpes ◆In case you arrive late. *In case you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment your turn may be delayed. ◆About group pictures. *There is no special discount for a group shooting (see our special promotion or campaign) ◆About the commercial use of the data *If you intend to use the pictures (data) taken at our photo studio for commercial purposes (poster, book, livrets, media use, etc.), please inform our staff beforehand. *According to the future use and range of your request, we may require additional charges.