Ooku style plan

Description of the Ooku Plan

Ooku Required time: 2.5 hours〜
¥25,000 (plus tax)

  • 芸者
  • 芸者
Ooku style
Photo studio
Japanese traditional room (with tatami)
Hair style
Traditional Onaga ( bundling long hair ) hair style or Ooku style wig( including Makeup )
Traditional kimono (high class silk kimono)・Uchikake (2 peices)
Photo prints
3 x 2L size pictures (you will choose from 12 pre- selected pictures)
Digital data
3 data for smartphones
Ooku Locktion Plan
  • ¥15,000 (plus tax)
  • Time 10 min
  • Around Kaminarimon
  • Total taken poctures : about 10-15 pictures
  • Finished goods: Digital Data: All shooting data
Additional order
  • 2L size additional picture2,000 (plus tax)
  • A frame for 3 pictures
    (203mm x 254mm)3,500 (plus tax)
  • A4 size Album (10 pages)50,000 (plus tax)
Photo Data
  • CD-R additional picture data2,000 (plus tax)
  • USB ALL Data 15,000 (plus tax)

※Making album may take approx 1 month.

≪Caution≫ ◆If you health condition is not well. please let us know in advance we may not accept the reservation. Ex: When you are pregnant, when you need physical assistance for walking. If you have Skin trouble or contagious trouble such as herpes ◆In case you arrive late. *In case you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment your turn may be delayed. ◆About group pictures. *There is no special discount for a group shooting (see our special promotion or campaign) ◆About the commercial use of the data *If you intend to use the pictures (data) taken at our photo studio for commercial purposes (poster, book, livrets, media use, etc.), please inform our staff beforehand. *According to the future use and range of your request, we may require additional charges.