Please be sure to read before booking
  • WEB reservation can be accepted up to 3 days before the use day.
    From two days ago to the previous day can be accepted by telephone. Please note that you can’t accept reservations ahead of 2 months.
  • We will reply by e-mail from our shop when you make a reservation at WEB so we ask you to set up so that you can receive e-mails.
  • As the reservation is confirmed, we will send "reservation number" so please be sure to bring your reservation number and visit us.
  • Those who do not have a reservation number may be refused.
  • For more information please contact our shop.

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Oiran "Sweet Oiran" person
Oiran Outside photo plan person
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Samurai person person
Kimono promenade person person
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Reseption time:10:00-19:00 (Last reservation : 16:00)